At 3A Composites, we’re continuously looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact - so our customers can focus on their business priorities without compromising sustainability. The ever-increasing demand for resources means it's crucial that we find ways to reduce waste and reuse what is already available.

At all of our sites careful handling of our raw materials, caring for the environment and the people we work with is part of our daily routine. This is reflected in our health & safety, energy, environment and quality management systems which are certified by ISO.

That is why sustainability is a key priority in our new corporate strategy:

VISION: As a team we create and offer products and functional solutions making the world more beautiful, safer and sustainable.

MISSION: We develop, produce and promote high quality polymer sheets, lightweight paper boards and aluminium composite materials. By 2035 our products will be manufactured carbon neutral, be 100% recyclable and enable solutions leaving a minimal environmental footprint.


In line with the UN having called the 2020s the Decade of Action, we are determined to set clear sustainability targets and to actively monitor and manage them.

We focus on four fields of action
in the implementation of our sustainability strategy:

Reducing our
carbon footprint

Achieving carbon neutrality is probably the biggest influencer for the preservation of our planet. We are committed to contributing to this incredibly ambitious mission by continuously reducing our emissions in all areas of our business as well as along our value chain. 

Developing sustainable & innovative products

At 3A Composites, our special focus has always been on “research & development”. Our engineers are passionate about the panels we produce and about making existing products better or creating new products that offer our customers greater benefits in terms of quality, functionality, processing or life cycle.

Advancing a circular

In terms of sustainability, one of the most effective aspects is contributing to environmental protection by saving valuable raw materials and avoiding waste. In addition to pre-consumer recycling, which is practised at our sites, we are committed to establishing and achieving a closed loop system for our products after the end-of-life phase. Please contact us more for details on these loops.

Fostering profitable business with customers & employees

Our focus is firmly on our customers and their needs.In the process of working towards the best possible products and first rate solutions for their applications, we are able to innovate and break new ground together. The great dedication and passion which our employees invest in their work form the basis of this success.

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Sustainable development goals

Our sustainability management approach is aligned with several of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations (UN) and their associated targets. These goals came into effect on January 1st, 2016 as part of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Following the UN framework, we are focusing on the four SDGs on which our company can have the biggest impact:

To help define the most important sustainability issues for 3A Composites Europe, we conducted a materiality analysis. Our materiality assessment helps us understand the relevance of the identified topics for our business as well as the environment.

These topics have been derived from the corporate materiality analysis and adapted to our key markets.

Within these markets we have identified additional strategic measures to specifically address our customers' requirements in the area of sustainability. Our goal is to be the industry benchmark with our sustainability efforts and thus also to live up to our commitment as a brand leader.

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“Sustainability is about immediate and decisive action, no matter how small, all these collective actions will ultimately have a big impact. Just start acting today.”

Haro CoolenDirector Sustainability Schweiter Technologies & 3A Composites Europe